08 Sep 2023

Awareness about COVID-19

 05 Jun 2020

Awareness drive is been conducted by our staff at muzaffarnagar and Saharanpur sticking poster and pamphlets in all the remote areas of the city and promoting handwash practices and use of masks.

Environment Day Celebration

 05 Jun 2020

Due to COVID-19 pandemic World Environment day is celebrated by MSS in an organised manner keeping everything in mind social distancing and uses of hand washing and masks wearing mandatory for all.

COVID-19 Response

 02 May 2020

MSS with support of CRS and Carita India identified the 54 daily wages workers in the meerut region and rescued them with essential things and food kits.

COVID-19 Response

 19 Apr 2020

To combat this pandemic MSS with support of CARITAS INDIA and Aarti Foundation providing the provision to the daily wages Workers.

COVID-19 Response (Migrant Workers)

 16 Apr 2020

Due to lock-down the daily wager are in the great trouble to help them. MSS identified their location and provided them the provision in order to recuse them

Support to Migrant Workers

 15 Apr 2020

Identification of Migrant Workers were done by MSS. Out of which 27 were Jharkhand Migrants and 10 were Bihar Migrant and with support of Caritas India provide them provision.