Education is not a privilege. It is a human right.

  • Right to education is legally guaranteed for all without any discrimination
  • States have the obligation to protect, respect, and fulfil the right to education
  • There are ways to hold states accountable for violations or deprivations of the right to education

Developing reading skills in children of primary level to increase retention and interest in school through alternative reading (library) and joyful learning environment. Assisting drop out and needy children to continue their study. Strengthening community support & monitoring of schools and advocacy of child rights are key strategies of our program.


Activities for achieving the results:

  • Establishing library and joyful learning environment
  • Developing reading skill
  • Strengthening community support & monitoring
  • Providing education fees to the needy


Achievements in last year:

  • Providing financial assistance to 152 needy students to retain quality education.
  • 1696 children are organized in 148 ¢child management ¢committee (bal manch) and maintaining reading rooms on their own.
  • 8691 children access the joyful initiatives of school libraries and improved their reading skills.
  • 110 teachers and 930 community members participated in summer camps wherein 4114 children enjoyed and enhanced their reading skills.
  • 10900 children, 353 teachers and 1138 community members celebrated World literacy day (8th September) and disseminated a message for increasing literacy.


Our Programs

Adhikar May 2012 to March 2015