Increasing production and income from agriculture and livestock for marginalized farmers and enhancing alternative options of livelihood through skill building, entrepreneurship and placement initiatives for landless and poor households.


  • Promoting sustainable farming
  • Ensuring ownership through CBOs
  • Upgrading skills, entrepreneurship and Employability
  • Increasing access to local and external resources
  • Establishing model initiatives


  • 265 Farmers enhanced agricultural production by 18% through practicing improved agricultural practices viz. seed selection, seed treatment, line sowing, minimizing use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, effective use of organic fertilizers and bio repellent.
  • 40 model farmer and 223 progressive farmers are practicing improved agricultural practices in 345 ha field.
  • Organic farming including vermi compost, azola, kitchen garden and backyard poultry.
  • 35 out of 92 trained youth have been placed in employment or adopted self entrepreneurship.
  • 39 development works from village development micro plans have been carried out by panchayat. 95% of the targeted HH received benefit of MGNREGS and received employment at an average of 85 days.
  • CBO in Baghpat district is linked to the Schools for dress making and sustaining their livelihood.


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