Community Health

MSS envisages a healthy society by undertaking increasing carelessness about health in the rural areas. It has taken up several steps to create awareness regarding health among the people and to promote physical, mental and intellectual health. Works of the organization are making efforts from time to time to create awareness regarding iodized salt, safe delivery, clean drinking water, exclusive breast-feeding, etc. The workers also make the people aware as to how they can save themselves from various diseases. Health camps are organized from time to time in collaboration with the local primary health centres, community health centres, dispensaries set up by the organization.

Liasioning with the government initiatives for the promotion of community health: Capacity building of the groups for an active participation in government initiatives like Bal Swasthya Poshan Mah (BSPM), Routine Immunization (RI), Village Health and Nutrition Days (VHNDs) and Weekly Health and Nutrition Days (WHNDs), mobilizing the community for accessing the benefits of these initiatives etc. are some of the activities in this direction. Capacity building of service providers, their activation through regular meetings, promotion of adequately iodised salt, promotion of immediate and exclusive breastfeeding etc. are some of the other interventions. 

Safe Motherhood If health situation of women is deeply viewed in Uttar Pradesh, a dismal picture emerges. Census 2001 data indicate that the number of women has gone down considerably. The reasons behind this are female feticide, lack of attention during adolescence, child marriages, unsafe motherhood, unsafe pregnancies, etc. The organization does not limit safe motherhood to pregnancy and delivery alone. Rather it regards it as a right of women. For promoting safe motherhood,) are imparted training from time to time. During these training the points highlighted include safe delivery, breast-feeding and cleanliness. HIV/AIDS

It’s Being our strategic areas, there is no doubt that HIV/AIDS are greatest killers of humans. There is no way to fight HIV/AIDS other than creating awareness about them. For this MSS join hands to bring out awareness rallies on World AIDS Day. CGPP

Since, 2007 Core Group Polio Project is implemented in four blocks of Saharanpur district namely City, Sunhety, Sarsawa and Nakur to mobilize the community on participation in polio rounds and routine immunization drive organized by the Govt. Health department. This year, two polio rounds were organized covering 973183 children in the interior parts of the target area through the intervention of Meerut Seva Samaj. We have executed several mobilization activities for proactive participation of the target community for the eradication of polio & improving health of newborn.

 Indicators wise objectives achievements mentioned below.

Polio Eradication Activities

  • Total 108 awareness rallies were carried on Polio Class/Children Rally in which 2160 target children have participated and generated key messages for the community in their vicinity.
  • Total Bulawa Toli 108 were formed during SIA/NID in which 1080 school going children participated and helped in bring under 5 age group children to polio booths
  • Total Influencers Meeting 53 in which 251 stakeholders were engaged to support the program.


Routine Immunization Strengthening:

  • Community Meeting held 12 in all four blocks of district Saharanpur for gathering the support of the community in order to strengthen the Routine immunization.
  • Group meeting with Mother and Adolescent Girls were held 661 in which 5288 target group members were sensitzed for RI improve coverage.
  • Interpersonnel Communication 14364 by door to door contacts for mobilzation and support.


Behaviour Change Communication Activity:

  • Training and coordination workshop with ASHAs of four blocks of Saharanpur in which 271 ASHA worker actively participated and ready to support the program and activiies to achieve the desired goals.
  • A Fun learning class called Masti Ki Kaksha 270 were held in which 5400 school going children were involved, they were educated on health and hygiene through funny classes which generates their interest and eagerness towards learning.
  • Total rallies on sanitation awerness were conducted 161 named under Kuk Du Ku Rally 3220 were the participants.
  • Village Health Sanitation and

Nutrition Committee Meetings         77

  • Khushi Express Info Van Area Covered 64
  • Nukkar Natak Organized 8
  • Accredited Social Health Activist (ASHA)

 Annually conducted Capacity Building Training Program for the grass root workers for CMCs in each Blocks.


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