Rights and Entitlements

Rights & Entitlements

Right to Information (RTI):

MSS has launched many programs on this subject throughout the target area and the people are well acquainted with its use and results.  They now approach the government officials for solutions of their problems with the help of this system.  Two examples of benefits obtained under this Act have been narrated as under

One Ms. Malti Devi living in village Kundla, Block Meerut, lost her house during the monsoon.  She submitted an application to the BDO for help to construct house.   But her application was lying in BDO’s office for a long time and the poor lady was living hopefully in the dilapidated house.  One day she went to the BDO to find out the progress of her application with some group members.  The BDO replied that in absence of BPL card, he is unable to take action on her application which she did not have.  Accordingly she along with the group members when to Tehsil office and got her BPL card and submitted the same with her application.  Even then the BDO did not take any action for months.  Then the group members approached the District Development Officer and moved an application under the RTI system.  On this the DDO put pressure to the concerned BDO and ultimately her house was built with the money received in two installments.

Mr. Shiv Charan, living in Narangpur village, Parikshitgarh Block lost his ration card due to the fault of the ration agency.   He applied for a new ration card through the Tehsil office.  For completing the formalities at block level, the paper was sent to the concerned BDO from Tehsil office.  But the BDO did not bother to send back the paper after the formalities inspite of Shiv Charan’s follow up.   One day Shiv Charan moved an application to the BDO under RTI system with the help of some group members. On this the BDO took immediate action and the ration card was delivered to him so fast.  

MSS is focusing on more activities under RTI Act for the benefit of the group members and other villagers of the area and the group leaders are trained on this system.

Ensuring access to rights & entitlements of vulnerable and special protection to the children in need and in conflict with law.

Collaborating with UKSVK under the flagship program DAKSH promoting volunteerism, the community to be a volunteer, which promotes and facilitates the community in order to tap their rights and entitlements.


  • Providing hand-holding support in application and follow-up of entitlements

  • Increasing community participation in planning and monitoring of local governance

  • Social projection Schemes and services (old age pension, widow pension, pension for differently abled and palanhara scheme etc.)

  • Services of banks and financial institutions linkages.

  • Services for livelihood promotion and linkages with skill development based services.

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