Environment Day Celebration

 05 Jun 2020

Today, Meerut Seva Samaj Sansthan celebrated the World Environment Day in 40 gram panchayats of Meerut, Janikhurd, Rohata, Sardhana, Daurala, Saroorpurkhurd, Meerut - whose main theme was "Time for Nature" locked under various projects of the institution. World Environment Day was observed by planting saplings following the rules of DownOn this occasion, Project Coordinator Arendra Chaudhary quoted that plants are ornaments of the earth and we have been cutting these ornamental plants continuously for a long time, due to which our beautiful greeny is reduced. If continued, mankind will have to face terrible crises.

Therefore, now all of us should be careful and without any delay, we should do plantation whenever and wherever there is a chance. So that the lost beauty of the earth can be recovered and this is possible only with determination and with this, the children, women groups and men present, vowed to plant 5 plants every year and make the earth green.

On this occasion, the Secretary of the institution Amit Massey said that not only will the success be achieved by planting the plants, but also have to take responsibility for their care and protection, then only this beautiful dream will come true. He further added today the whole world is facing the Corona crisis and the infection is spreading very fast. Therefore, to save our society, village and country, it is necessary to keep two yards difference between two people.Repeatedly washing hands with soap and avoiding crowding while covering the face with a mask or wench will have to be adopted in daily practice. On this occasion, the group members and children made significant cooperation in keeping with the guidelines of Covid-19 from all the residents of the area. Mr. Manohar Lal Saini, Mr. Arendra Kumar, Mrs. Renu Rani, Naresh Kumar, Gaurav Sharma, Anjesh, Baljyoti, Anita etc. participated in the event.